Header Bin Tug HD

Bin Tug HD
The Bin Tug HD model works very similar to the normal unit, except for a few key features. The unit is equipped with bigger wheels and a larger, stronger electric transaxle. This allows a pushing or pulling maximum capacity of 2,500 kgs, 500 kgs more than the standard Bin Tug. The Bin Tug HD is also equipped with a modified hand control.

Unlike the standard Bin Tug, all of the controls are located on the hand control itself. The key switch is located on the bottom of the hand control, and must be turned ON for the unit to function. Turn OFF and remove this key when the unit is not in use. This model does not offer a speed control switch, but instead is controlled through the amount of rotation on the rotary thumbwheels positioned inboard of the handles.

Bin Tug HD Handle
The direction is also controlled this way. Rotate the thumbwheel in a forward motion (away from operator) to make the Bin Tug HD move forwards. Reverse rotation (toward the operator) will make it move backwards. This hand control is equipped with a safety belly stop button, which works in the same way as the standard model. When the unit is moving in the reverse direction, should the button be gently pushed, the Bin Tug HD will immediately switch to a forward motion, and stop when pressure is removed from the button. This will prevent the operator from being accidentally crushed between the unit and an object. All other functions and procedures are the same as the standard Bin Tug.