Header Features

The Bin Tug comes with many features to help you with your specific needs. The unit is small, ideal for transporting. The easy to use hand control provides excellent maneuverability, while the pneumatic tires and free wheeling differential increase that maneuverability further. A safety belly stop button is installed on the back of the hand control for user safety.

Features 1

For added insurance, an electro-automatic braking system is built-in, which can released using the red switch located on the front of the electric transaxle. The Bin Tug also has a fully programmable controller that can be programed to suit different user’s needs. More additional options are listed below.

Features 2

Additional Options

• 180˚ container hitch with adjustable bin hook-up bolts
• Salt spreading or cart attachments
• Night lighting system
• Casters
• Foam filled tires
• Backup beeper


Fully Programmable Controller

The controller inside the Bin Tug is fully customizable. From speed to torque to throttle sensitivity, an authorized technician can adjust the settings of your unit to better meet your specific needs.


Load Limit

The Bin Tug is designed to push or pull a maximum capacity of 2,000 kgs (2,500 kgs for the Bin Tug HD). It is recommended that you do not exceed these limitations.